Congratulations Willowbrook class of 2013!
Disclaimer: When I woke up on Wednesday morning, I intended to just bring my camera to graduation and snap off a few quick pictures of Eli. Then I started getting requests from parents to photograph their kids. After graduation started it seemed unfair to just shoot a few so I tried to capture the event as a whole without any planning or prep work.
Thank You: I feel in debited to all the faculty, staff, children and parents of Willowbrook for making our experience there such a positive one. Inspired by the Kathie and the PTO and their wonderful Memory Book, I would like to offer photography of this event as my gift to everyone involved, please feel free to download any of these pictures for free! They are formatted for 4x6 or 8x10 prints yet small enough to use in email, facebook, etc. Just click, "download" above the picture. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Superhoops: Pictures from Superhoops are available for free as well. Just follow the link from the main web page.